The Story Behind Numbers2Go

Although lotteries are most often defined as being random or decided by fate, the creators of Numbers2go have discovered very clear patterns in some of the most popular lotteries that can be deduced using mathematical software. This software can be applied to Powerball, Mega Millions and the Texas Lotto and has been employed by many to increase their odds.

Where as the quick pick options offered at gas stations often give numbers that are likely to never win, the Numbers2Go software will take into account past winning numbers and patterns and put them into a complex algorithm that will consistently supply numbers that are statistically more likely to win!

Numbers2Go software has been designed and tested by a Georgia Tech Engineer and has provided excellent results for many. To use this software, the Numbers2Go team has developed an easy to use Random Cruncher that will store your potential winning numbers and allow you to add your own. Numbers2Go members also receive special lottery tips and access to viable and unique information about lotteries and how to win. Soon, Numbers2Go will even be available for your iPhone!

Take fate back into your own hands with Numbers2Go; play smart to win.

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